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What better way to play with your sounds than with a mini sensory treasure hunt in a jar?

Search for objects with your target sound hidden within the rice inside the jar. Empty the jar to create a mini sensory activity with the objects while using your best speech sounds to label each one! In addition, find objects with your sound and color them on the coloring activity provided.

These jars were designed specifically for your child by a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist to increase articulation skills in several fun and interactive lessons! We’ve taken care of the planning and guess work for SLPs, teachers, and caregivers alike to increase awareness and generalization of articulation skills in the classroom and at home.

Each Search & Say Sound Jar Comes with:
🔍 Plastic jar with lid
🔍 Colored rice
🔍 6 removable erasers relating to each sound
🔍 Articulation coloring sheet

Targets sounds to choose from:
🔍 /l/ and /l/ blends
🔍 /r/ and /r/ blends
🔍 /s, z/ sounds
🔍 /k, g/ sounds


WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years of age or adult supervision.

Search & Say Sound Jar

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